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Many hotel chains offer lower rates to members of their loyalty programs through their own websites.

Room Key can access these low Loyalty Member Rates for thousands of hotels across more than 60 hotel chains – more than any other travel site – making it easy to shop the best rate.

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Room Key

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Room Key
Lower Loyalty Member Rates.
Other Travel Sites
Unable to access as many great deals.

Loyalty points

Room Key
Get the loyalty points and perks with your favorite hotel loyalty program.
Other Travel Sites
Bookings made through many other travel sites do not allow you to receive hotel loyalty points and perks.

Customer care

Room Key
At Room Key you book directly with the hotel to ensure your reservation is secure and accurate.
Other Travel Sites
Your booking goes through a third party, hopefully without any problems. You are the customer of a third party who may have little interest in offering the same level of after-sales care as the hotel.

Hotel search

Room Key
Displays the hotels that will best suit your needs.
Other Travel Sites
Display the hotels that will generate the highest commissions.

What are Loyalty Member Rates?

Room Key gives you access to low Loyalty Member Rates for more than 60 of the world’s largest hotel chains all in one place. Loyalty Rates are rates typically reserved for members of the hotel’s loyalty program available mainly on the hotel’s own website. Now Room Key is the only travel site where customers can shop and compare Loyalty Rates across so many hotel chains all in one place.

To book a Loyalty Rate, simply enroll in the hotel’s loyalty program (it’s free) and provide your membership number when booking. You’ll instantly qualify for the Loyalty Rate and get all of the loyalty member benefits as well. There are no hidden fees or paid memberships required.

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